Admission Guide


Regular course
First quarter Second quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter
Tuition ₩1,200,000 ₩2,400,000 ₩3,600,000 ₩4,800,000
Reception fee ₩50,000(Applying at first registration)
total ₩1,250,000 ₩2,450,000 ₩3,650,000 ₩4,850,000
Other costs
Textbook fee ₩70,000(textbook fee for one quarter)
Insurance fee ₩130,000(Insurance fee for one year)
Alien Registration Card Issuance Fee ₩30,000(When issued for the first time)

Place of payment

  • Deposit bank : Sinhan Bank
  • Account number : 140-008-752028
  • Account Holder : Korean Language & Culture Institute (The University of Suwon)
  • * When sending money from abroad
  • BANK BRANCH: Branch of the University of Suwon


  • The transfer fee and the overseas brokerage fee must be borne by the depositor.
  • You must fax or e-mail your deposit receipt after the deposit.(Fax : 82-31-229-8274 / E-mail :
  • The deposit receipt should show the deposit date, the deposit amount, and the name of the depositor.
  • The deposit must be made by the student himself / herself and the student's name (Korean or English) must be accurately recorded and transmitted.
  • If the depositor’s name is not student’s, the student will need to send us his/ her confirmation along with his/ her deposit receipt after the deposit.